Book excerpts and poems

The first excerpt is from A Christmas Tail, a Christmas themed story about a mouse family that I co-authored with children’s writer, Donna Smith.

Illustrated by Aaron Pocock. Published by Spider Ink Press.

Available in Hardback, Paperback and eBook (Amazon Kindle and Apple iTunes).


A Christmas Tail no white space


Tucked away in an attic, a grand old doll’s house stands.

Cherrywood Cottage is nestled in front of a rustic window

which looks out over an orchard.


Cherrywood Cottage is the home of a very special family –

Melanie, Monty and baby Peter Mouse.


This is the tale of a very mousey Christmas.


Copyright Text 2012 Donna M Smith and Helen Ross.



Excerpt  from 10 Yellow Bananas 2009 release. Written by Helen Ross.

Copy of NewTenYellowBananascopy

Illustrations by Dee Texidor. Published by Little Steps Publishing, Division of New Frontier.



Ten yellow bananas

Clutching teddy bears

Race through the doorway

Then nine sleepy pears


The pears try to catch them

But are a little slow

Then come eight lemons

Smiling as they go


The lemons bounce along

Running with the pears

Who are chasing the bananas

That took their teddy bears

End of excerpt. Copyright 2009  Helen Ross

cat from BGT





Now, some giggle poems from Bubble Gum Trouble and other giggle poems – suitable for children of all ages. Written by Helen Ross. Poetry collection published by Little Steps Publishing, Division of New Frontier. You will again see some of Dee’s lovely illustrations.

BubblegumCover12cm high



Somethings bubbling in my cup pic






There’s something growing in my cup

Don’t know what it could be

I haven’t had a drink from it

For a week or so, you see


I sat it on the kitchen sill

And forgot I’d put it there

I’m looking at this funny thing

Now it’s growing hair


Oh no! It’s moving

Yikes! It’s starting to grow

It’s now got an extra spike

Now I see a toe


It’s such a funny shape

Green and very thick

Yuck! Just looking at it

Really makes me sick


I’m going to be ill

I have to look away

It must go down the drain

Has to be today


I turn the hot tap on

And pour in some detergent

Getting rid of this thing

Is becoming rather urgent


I watch it as it bubbles

In my little cup

The hot water slowly

Swishes the green thing up


As I rinse my cup

I turn the cold tap on

And look inside my mug

Oh good! It now has gone


©  Helen Ross 2009




Hair Gone tomorrow pic



Ten hairs

On my head

One is black

Another is red


I pull one out

Ouch, that hurt

The one I pulled

Is the colour of dirt


This one is blonde

And this one is grey

I pull them both

Out of the way


Out goes another

That one as well

My head’s looking better

I can tell


Out goes this black one

And that one there

I really do like

Looking after my hair


Just a couple more

And this one, that’s all

Let’s look in the mirror

I’m feeling rather tall


hair on ground pic

Oh, what have I done?

I am so appalled

I really can’t believe

That now I am bald


©  Helen Ross 2009



hanging cat pic


What’s that scurrying about?

It’s the sound of tiny paws

The cats are along the hallway

What’s that between their claws?


Oh no! It’s the toilet paper

That they’re dragging behind

Along the wooden hallway

And over the kitchen blind


There’s toilet paper everywhere

They’ve left nothing bare

The cats have left a trail

While travelling without a care


Now someone is shouting

Oh no! It’s my Dad

He’s covered in toilet paper

And does look rather mad


Something’s moving toward me

Skidding on the floor

It’s Hans, our cute puppy

With paper around a paw


The cats have been everywhere

Around light shades and  plants

Toilet paper’s handing in cupboards

Around our clothes and underpants


The cats have gone outside

Paper is wrapped around a pole

There seems a lot of paper

Oh no! They’ve got another roll.


©  Helen Ross 2009


Webster is my teddy

He feels so warm and strong

My favourite of all my toys

I have known him for so long


He listens to my stories

But does not say too much

Just sits there quietly

He softens to my touch


Webster loves being cuddled

And gives me such a smile

He is always well dressed

Webster has a lot of style


Webster is very smart

And likes to wear bow ties

He thinks he looks distinguished

Webster wouldn’t tell me any lies


When I am not at home

He rests on my bed

Or sits on the window sill

And sometimes a chair instead


Webster picHe accepts me for who I am

Someone on whom I can depend

We’ll always be together

Webster is my best friend.



©  Helen Ross 2009



Please remember that all poems and excerpts from books are copyrighted.  As such, please acknowledge my name if you read out any of my poems to your class or if you make copies for class use.  Also, any copies made need to be included on your CAL (Copyright) records.

Thank you.





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